Our 8 Favorite Wedding Pinterest Accounts

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As anyone who has planned their own wedding can tell you, getting started is the hardest part. Finding just the right inspiration — whether it’s the dress, the venue or even just a color — is key to pulling the rest of the day together. Luckily, Pinterest has solved so many of these problems — a few days worth of browsing these accounts, and you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with.

Take a look at our 8 favorite wedding Pinterest accounts to follow (besides ours of course — have you seen our Fall Weddings Board?) to get inspiration for your big day:


Beth Helmstetter
It’s no surprise that one of our favorite wedding planners is one of our favorite people to follow on Pinterest. Don’t miss the photos from her events — they’re amazing.


Bridal Musings
This London-based wedding blog’s Pinterest is chock full of great tips and wedding inspiration. They have boards to cover virtually every topic and issue that comes up during wedding planning — it’s too hard to pick a favorite!


Wedding Paper Divas
Our favorite invitation site’s Pinterest strikes a chord with our love of gorgeous paper goods. Try following their boards based on event — Rehearsal Dinner and Bridal Shower are our personal favorites.


Wedding Chicks
We love how this LA wedding blog’s Pinterest has a playful DIY twist. How fun are these centerpieces?


Inspired by This Blog
The ladies behind Inspired by This know how to throw a good party — whether it’s an engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette. We love the dose of fashion on their Pinterest too — particularly the bridesmaid dress and hair ideas!


Colin Cowie Weddings
Follow this amazing NY wedding planner for a solid dose of glam wedding inspiration and some serious wedding envy.


100 Layer Cake
We’ve been a fan of this blog for a long time, and their Pinterest is just as gorgeous as their site. We suggest following their cocktail boards, too!


The Perfect Palette
Color me pretty! We love anything with a big dose of color, and this pinner’s boards organized by hue and palette hit the spot.

Wedding RSVP Card Etiquette from Lizzie Post

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If you’ve done any research into the world of wedding invitation suites (or if you’ve just been invited to more than one wedding this summer), you’ve probably noticed how incredibly diverse they can be. Sometimes there’s a save the date, followed by a full invitation suite. Sometimes it’s just a simple card with a web address on it.  While there’s plenty of room for creativity, there’s also some key parts of your invitation that need to be clear and simple — namely your RSVP cards (you want to know who’s actually coming, right?).

invitationInvitation suite from Pottery Barn’s collection with Wedding Paper Divas. Photo by Steve Steinhardt.

We spoke to etiquette maven Lizzie Post to get the scoop on what you should keep in mind for your wedding RSVP cards. Read on to get her advice!

Online only. “People are RSVPing online more and more. I think it’s a really good idea if you have a back up plan. Because some people, like my 87-year-old grandmother, are going to have a hard time figuring out how to RSVP online.  Know who you’re inviting and have other options for people — like a phone number, email address and website.”

Decide on the date. “For your own sake, give yourself time. Remember that you’ll need time to process them, and people will need time to return them. I’d recommend 3 to 4 weeks. It’s the only way to stay sane.”

Stamp it! “Make sure your RSVP cards are pre-addressed and stamped, so there’s no excuse for guests not to return them.”

Following up. “When you haven’t received word from people, you’ll want to reach out to them individually to confirm whether or not they can attend. I’d suggest calling — never do something like a group email.”

Plus one please. “It’s totally up to your discretion who gets a plus one and who doesn’t. However if it’s an established couple — they’re living together, engaged, married or have a relationship over a significant amount of time — both parties should be invited. Other than that, it’s totally up to you.”


Need more advice? Pick up the 6th Edition of Wedding Etiquette by Anna Post and Lizzie Post. Be sure to check back in with us for more etiquette tips from Anna and Lizzie, too!


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Champagne Bridal Gown Inspiration

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Photos originally posted on 
Waiting on Martha

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Mandy Kellogg’s gorgeous wedding shoots, it’s that all-white can be overrated. Not that we don’t love a traditional wedding — but as this champagne bridal gown shoot for Occasion Magazine shows, sometimes color can cause quite the splash.

Although this champagne gown from Liancarlo isn’t a far cry from traditional wedding gowns, the tinted tulle still feels modern and unexpected. We love how the easy makeup and messy hair from Jennifer C. Nieman and bold purple florals from Lindsay Coletta Designs complement the dress’s ethereal feeling perfectly.


Concept & Styling, Mandy Kellogg Rye for Occasions Magazine
Photography, Rustic White
Cinematographer, Munn Brothers Films
Flowers, Lindsay Coletta Designs 
Hair & Makeup, Jennifer C. Nieman
Venue, Ambient Studios Plus
Model, Jen Whitley
Gown, Liancarlo Style 5806 via Kelly’s Closet 
Belt, Kelly’s Closet
Earrings,  Carolee via Bloomingdales Lenox 

Shoes, Via Spiga via Bloomingdales Lenox

Pretty in Pink: A Simply Delicious Cocktail for Drink Dispensers

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 This post was written exclusively for Have & Hold by Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers

View More: http://jennadavis.pass.us/pottery-barn

I’m not gonna hide it. I loved everything about this photoshoot. From visiting with my best friend Lea, to making a flower arrangement, to finally toasting to it all. Okay, the last part is the highlight — the toast! Ah, nothing’s better than a Tybee Island Sipper recipe — created by the author of From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree.

Tybee Island Sipper From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree

Items needed:
1 (750ml) bottle sauvignon blanc (chilled)
2 cups white cranberry juice (chilled)
¼ cup agave nectar
2 tablespoons triple sec orange liqueur (chilled)
1 bottle champagne (chilled)

In a drink dispenser, combine bottle of sauvignon blanc, white cranberry juice, agave nectar and triple sec, then stir together. Fill champagne glasses 2/3 of the way full. Top each glass with champagne and serve.

Cocktail Recipe: From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree
Location: Golden Isles
Photography: Jade + Matthew and Jenna Davis Photography
Styling: Lauren Weems
Supplies: Smithers-Oasis

Bridal Diaries: Q&A with Caitlin Moran of Style Within Reach

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Hindsight is always 20/20 — unless you’re lucky enough to get some great advice along the way. That’s the idea behind our new Bridal Diaries series — who else is better equipped to hand off gems of wedding planning wisdom than someone who’s just experienced it all? Today we’re featuring an interview chock full of great tips from Caitlin Moran of Style Within Reach. As the Editorial Director of Glitter Guide, Caitlin’s amazing taste and organizational expertise have helped her plan the wedding of her dreams — but she learned some important lessons along the way, too. Keep reading for her tips, along with shots of her gorgeous engagement session!

Photography by Abby Jiu


Q: What do you wish you knew before you started to plan your wedding?

A: I wish I would have delegated more tasks from the beginning (everyone is offering to help, so take it!) and I also wish I would have given myself a rule about not changing things. I’ve changed everything in our wedding so much and it’s made me so behind in planning. I even changed our wedding logo after I had a custom stamp made!


Q: What has ended up being the most difficult part of planning your wedding? Has anything been surprisingly easy?

A: The guest list was by far the most difficult task for us as a couple. I was surprised at how quickly I found a venue I was happy with -— I saw images, went in person and was sold!


Q: Is there anything you would’ve done differently so far?

A: I would have spaced out the work and DIY projects. We are down to less than 2 months from our wedding day and I’m still up to my ears in projects. I do have a goal to get everything done a month ahead of time so the month of our wedding can be spent relaxing, tying up loose ends and not running around like crazy. I’d suggest this goal to everyone!


Q: What has been your most invaluable resource?

A: Advice from my married friends. From everything on what to spend your money on to how to handle sticky situations with your future in-laws — my friends have been so supportive and helpful!


Q: What are you most looking forward to on your big day?

A: I’m so looking forward to seeing my vision come to life and to be in one place with all of the people I love — and of course marrying my guy!! Caitlin’s extra advice for brides: If your budget allows it — pay for anything you can to be done for you (like making your invitations — bad idea!!), order pre-made DIY projects on Etsy and try to cut down on the tedious craft projects you sign yourself up for. A wedding planner takes care of all these details, but if you can’t afford one try to limit the projects — it can be stressful. Like I mentioned above, I’ve given myself a deadline of September 1st to get everything wrapped up for our wedding (9/26 is our big day) — it’s my mental deadline and I hope to have all of my projects wrapped up and everything organized so I can really take a few weeks to relax, soak it all in and focus on myself!

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

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There’s something magical and instantly romantic about the beach. It’s no wonder that so many couples are drawn to the coast for weddings and engagements.

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

We love how the talented team behind this shoot — including photographer Anna Delores, stylist Joelle Charming and floral designer Amy Jordan of Stella Blooms— brought that magic to life in these stunning photos. We talked to Amy Jordan to get the scoop on her inspiration for this pink and red coastal wedding shoot.

 An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

Q: What was the main inspiration behind this shoot?
A: We wanted to take advantage of our beautiful coastal views while staying far away from the typical “beach theme” — the result was a fun, elegant tablescape that makes you want to cozy up and enjoy a cocktail with a view.

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

Q: What made you decide to use pillows and a low table instead of a traditional table and chairs?
A: The low seating gave it a casual intimate feel, and the Pottery Barn pillows were the perfect touch to create an inviting, cozy area for our guests to relax.

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

Q: How did you choose the color palette?
A: We wanted everything to be neutral ocean tones except for the pop of the vibrant lush flowers.  The pillows were the perfect shades of sands, grays and creams that complemented the backdrop and bright florals perfectly.

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

An Inspiring Pink and Red Coastal Wedding Shoot in Southern California

Photography: Anna Delores
Styling: Joelle Charming
Floral Design and styling: Stella Blooms
Cake: MJB Cakes
Make-up: Crystal Huber

Add a Little Print & Pattern to Your Registry

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It’s time to pattern your home pretty!

While we certainly support the traditional approach to a wedding registry (white, classic, timeless items), we believe that you should have some fun with your registry, too. Add a little print and pattern to your wedding registry this year. Whether it’s a splash of ikat on your tabletop, a pop of jacquard in your bathroom, or suzani-inspired pillows for your couch, you’ll appreciate the life and personality that these patterned pieces will bring to your new home.

Take a look at our top picks for printed + patterned pieces for your registry, below:


1. Ikat, Rustic Luxe and Reza Palampore Napkins/ 2. Colorful Painterly Ikat Print/ 3. Ikat Embroidered Lumbar Pillow, Diamond Tile Phulkari PillowAlana Printed Pillow/ 4. Marlo Jacquard Organic Towels/ 5. Calista Floral Duvet/ 6. Ikat Napkin Set/ 7. Ikat Embroidered Lumbar Pillow/ 8. Leya Tote Bag/ 9. Pia Bordered Shower Curtain